Why Read Our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Gravity Fed Water Filter

Know what to look for when choosing a system.

When it comes to securing a portable water solution for your family, there are a lot of choices out there. However, not all brands and systems are created equal. To make sure you get the one that best fits your family’s water needs, we’ve updated our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Gravity Water Filter.

General benefits of gravity-fed water filter systems

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Not reliant on plumbing or city infrastructure
  • Convenient to maintain
  • Lower cost than complex reverse osmosis or distillation systems

Why you need to read our Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Gravity Fed Purification System

You’ll learn about:

  • Setting goals for your system
  • Researching brands / options
  • Evaluating specific systems
  • Understanding marketing tactics manufacturers use
  • Why independent testing is so important
  • How to buy Authentic Berkey® systems and avoid counterfeits
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The Ultimate Guide

Make sure you get the best one for your family’s water needs.
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Authentic Black Berkey® Purification Elements are the Right Choice for Your Loved Ones

Available in 7 sizes, Berkey® water purification systems are made for the extreme, yet enjoyed every day. They can easily purify ordinary tap water and well water, yet are powerful enough to efficiently purify raw, untreated water from freshwater sources such as remote lakes, rivers and streams.

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