Big Berkey® System Named Top Pick

Big Berkey® System Stands Apart

Noted preparedness website recently published an in-depth guide on choosing a home water filtration system, along with an extensive review of the best systems currently on the market. Not surprisingly, the Big Berkey® purification system was named as their favorite.

The Big Berkey® system earned praise for its portability (a must for bug-out situations), filter longevity (each pair of Black Berkey® Purification Elements can purify up to 6,000 gallons before needing replacement) and its power to address a broad array of contaminants. The guide also noted that the Big Berkey® system has been tested to exceed NSF standards, an important factor to consider when buying a water filter system.

In today’s uncertain world, it’s important to have a final barrier system in place to defend your family’s water. Berkey® systems equipped with Black Berkey® Purification Elements remove or dramatically reduce over 200 contaminants, including viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Find an Authorized Berkey® by NMCL Dealer.

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented demand for our systems. We understand the urgency of the situation, and we are processing orders as quickly as possible. Our fulfillment operations are now running at maximum capacity, 7 days a week, to meet demand. Please read our notice: Message to Customers That Have Recently Placed Orders through an Authorized Berkey® Dealer.